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This page is intended to tie together training videos and other resources into a set of comprehensive training courses for EPrints.  It is intended to serve as an introduction to EPrints for users, administrators and systems administrators involved with running an EPrints Repository.
Some demonstration text.
= EPrints Introduction and Overview =
* EPrints Key Features Tour
* Repositories for other purposes
** Collections
** Research Data
** Open Education
= Course Streams =
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== Using EPrints ==
=== ...as a Visitor ===
* Searching for items
* Browsing for items
* Requesting a copy of a restricted fulltext
=== ...as a User ===
* [[Training_Video:Deposit_Workflow|Depositing an EPrint]]
* Importing EPrints
* Saved Searches and Notifications
* Exporting EPrints
* Managing Your User Profile
=== ...as an Editor ===
* The Editorial Buffer
* The Staff Search
=== ...as an Administrator ===
* Managing Users
** Editing User Records
** Understanding User Roles and Permissions
* Basic Troubleshooting
** [[Training_Video:Search_Troubleshooting|Checking and Starting the Indexer]]
* Batch Editing
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== Configuring EPrints ==
=== Basic Configuration ===
Basic configuration can be done at the front-end, and requires no knowledge of perl or the EPrints API.
* Configuration Tools Overview
* Branding
** Adding a logo
* [[Training_Video:Edit_Phrases|Phrases]]
* [[Training_Video:Edit_and_Create_Static_Pages|Static Pages]]
* Item Types and Metadata Configuration
** [[Training_Video:Subject_Trees|Subject Trees]]
** The Workflow
*** [[Training_Video:Workflow_Configuration|Basic Workflow Configuration]]
*** [[Training_Video:Autocompletion|Authority Lists and Autocompletion]]
** [[Training_Video:Citation_Styles|Citation Styles]]
** Item Types
*** Adding a new type
*** Removing a type
* Browse Views
* [[Training_Video:Search_Configuration|Searches]]
* Installing Bazaar Packages
=== Advanced Configuration ===
Advanced configuration assumes some knowledge of the command-line and sometimes a little bit of Perl and the EPrints API.
* Branding
** Creating a new site-wide template.
* Understanding Configuration Structure
* [[Training_Video:Add_A_Field|Adding a Metadata Field]]
* Programmatic Metadata Values
** [[Training_Video:Automatic_Fields|Automatic Values]]
** [[Training_Video:Default_Fields|Default Values]]
** [[Training_Video:Virtual_Fields|Virtual Fields]]
* Custom Rendering of Values
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== Maintaining and Developing EPrints ==
* Technical Orientation
=== Systems Administration ===
* [[Training_Video:EPrints_Install|Installing EPrints]]
* Troubleshooting
** [[Training_Video:Search_Troubleshooting|Troubleshooting Searching]]
=== The EPrints API ===
* API Basics
** The Repository Object
** Datasets and Dataobjs
** XML and DOM
* Developing Plugins and Bazaar Packages
** [[Training_Video:Export_Plugin_Bazaar_Package|Export Plugin Bazaar Package]]
** [[Training_Video:New_Field_Bazaar_Package|New Field Bazaar Package]]
=== The EPrints Wiki ===
* [[Training_Video:EPrints_Wiki_Basics|EPrints Wiki Basics]]
=== Core Development ===
* Creating a Dev Environment
* Creating Pull Requests
= For Contributors =
We have a list of [[:Category:Documentation Needed| documentation which is missing]]
If you are creating or curating a training course page, please copy/paste the current [[Training_course_template|Template]] page.
Creation of videos can be done with screen capture software.  The following packages have been used by video producers:
* Screenflick (on a Mac) -- Adam Field
* Screencast-o-matic (on Windows 10) -- Lizz Jennings (note: there's a microphone "enhancement" feature on Windows 10 that will make you sound like Darth Vader.  You need to disable this in the Windows 10 sound settings for the screencast to work).

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