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Since EPrints 3.4 flavours have been introduced into EPrints. Flavours provide customisation for different types of EPrints. The following three flavours are currently available:

  1. Publications - This is the original EPrints for research publications. Its flavours sub-directory is pub_lib, which comes as part of the core codebase but is provided separately on files.eprints.org.
  2. Research Data - This provides specific customisations for research data. Its flavours sub-directory is data_lib.
  3. Open Education - This provides specific customisations for open education, previously known as EdShare. Its flavours sub-directory is edu_lib.

Installing a Flavour

If you install EPrints from files.eprints.org instead of before when you could just download a single tarball, you will need to:

  1. Download the EPrints Zero tarball which is a base version of EPrints without any specializations for publications, like was the case for EPrints 3.3 and earlier.
  2. Unpack the EPrints Zero tarball to /opt/eprints3/
  3. Download the flavour you want, such as the publication flavour tarball, and unpack it into /opt/eprints3/flavours/.

After you have finished installing EPrints as a flavour, you may also want to add Ingredients. Ingredients are often similar to Bazaar plug-ins and intend to replace some of the more complex Bazaar plug-ins, which are not really suited to a one-click installation as they need extensive configuration and/or non-EPrints dependencies.