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2016 Community Roadmap

  • Create a more comprehensive set of Unit tests for EPrints so community contributions can be accepted more easily
  • Deprecate old subs from repository into BackCompatibility with a warning saying what version they will abort and what function should be used as an alternative (make_element, make_text, render_data_element, etc,etc)
  • Remove references to these deprecated subs within the core code
  • Start moving render functions for objects into the XHTML class in order to get all the rendering in one place (see section below)
  • Start removing references to repository from objects where they should not occur.

Removing render functions

Many objects in eprints have render functions. For example $list->render_description and $dataset->render_description. This breaks the single responsibility principle for these objects. For example $list has to know about how to cache and retrieve lists of dataobjs and union and intersect with other lists but also has to know about how it is expected to appear in and XHTML page. This responsibility for $xhtml. Example $xhtml->list($list). These kind of changes would mean that many objects would no longer need a reference to $repository. List currently takes a reference to $repository it uses this reference to get access to $database (which it actually needs), get access to $xhtml functions so it can render its description (should not be its responsibility) and $plugin_factory to instantiate a plugin from a string for export.

The proposed changes to list would change the current $list section of the core api from: