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If you come across any unknown Eprints-specific issues please send a bug report to the eptech mailing list.

Known Issues

debian packages for version 3.3.13: Various problems related to subjects and divisions

Issue #291 has been resolved only after building debian packages for version 3.3.13.

This leads to problems with all operations reading tree structures from flat text files:

  • bin/import_subjects produces essentially empty trees
  • after creating a new repository with default divisions and subjects the divisions and subjects remain empty and more importantly, due to empty values most operations within the webinterface involving divisions or subjects yield an error, rendering the whole repository useless.

Solution: Manual edit

No Tools Available on Login

This occurs if you are using certain Firefox 3 versions on debian/ubuntu and you have your repository at http://localhost.

This is due to the fact that Firefox 3 won't let you store cookies for domains which don't have a domain. localhost.localdomain may work (untested) however the fix below encourages the use of

Basically it will work under most other browsers or you can do the following fix.

  • Think of a domain for your repository and add this to your hosts file in /etc/hosts (here by doing the following as root.
 # vi /etc/hosts

Add the line
  • Then either create a new archive with as its location


  • Edit your archives and change its location - as eprints user
 # vi archives/archive_name/cfg/cfg.d/

change the host line to your new host eg:

 $c->{host} = '';

Regenerate your apache config:

 # bin/generate_apacheconf

As root restart your apache

 # apache2ctl stop
 # apache2ctl start

Now you should be able to log in from the new url by pointing firefox at

Wrong XML::LibXML Version

This affects mainly Ubuntu and older Debian distributions where the libxml package is too old. The package installer doesn't check the XML::LibXML version. Either install XML::LibXML 1.63 from cpan or disable it by setting enable_libxml to 0 in /usr/share/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/

Installing 1.63 from cpan (as root):

cpan XML::LibXML

Alternatively you could follow the instructions at Installing_GDOME_on_Debian to install the GDOME XML library.

Without either XML::LibXML or XML::GDOME Eprints uses a bundled XML::DOM implementation that has much lower performance and poorer Unicode support.

Note that you can build Debian packages from CPAN modules using dh-make-perl in order to keep track of those modules you've been building by yourself. Provided you've already configured your CPAN environment (that is, at least your proxies and servers), you can survive with:

dh-make-perl --install --notest --cpan XML::LibXML measuring disk usage (reiserFS)

Not supported in the default package install, to add support add the following to the array defined in $EPRINTS_HOME/perl_lib/Filesys/

 1448756819 => "REISERFS_SUPER_MAGIC",    # 0x565A4653

Many thanks to José Miguel Parrella Romero for pointing this out.

Note that this was tested in a Debian GNU/Linux virtual private server running under Virtuozzo hypervision. Other filesystems, such as simfs, don't usually give any problems with