Accessing Metdata Fields

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This page proves an overview of the API calls you can use to access the data in a DataObj. The example framing this is that of an export plugin.

The Plugin

An export plugin will look something like this:

package EPrints::Plugin::Export::Text;

use EPrints::Plugin::Export::TextFile;

@ISA = ( "EPrints::Plugin::Export::TextFile" );

use strict;

sub new
        my( $class, %opts ) = @_;

        my $self = $class->SUPER::new( %opts );

        $self->{name} = "ASCII Citation";
        $self->{accept} = [ 'dataobj/eprint', 'list/eprint' ];
        $self->{visible} = "all";

        return $self;

sub output_dataobj
        my( $plugin, $dataobj ) = @_;

        my $cite = $dataobj->render_citation;

        return EPrints::Utils::tree_to_utf8( $cite )."\n\n";