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EPrints 3 introduces some new features for capturing and analysing usage of the repository.

Everytime an abstract or full-text is accessed a record is written to the access dataset recording data about the access.

access data set fields

OpenURL terminology is used where appropriate to name the fields captured for requests.

field description
accessid A unique identifier for the access (sequential numbering).
datestamp The time the access occurred in UTC.
requester_id An identifier for the user that made the request.
requester_user_agent The user agent string as given by the user's browser.
requester_country The ISO country code for the user's location.
requester_institution The user's institution or organisation.
referring_entity_id The identifier of the object that the user followed a link from.
service_type_id The type of service requested, either fulltext=yes or abstract=yes.
referent_id The identifier of the eprint requested.
referent_docid The document number requested (for fulltext requests).