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There are several different kind of XML file in the configuration of an EPrints repository.
These files tend to use three XML namespaces.
* Their own specific namespace.
* The [[EPrints Control Format|EPC]] namespace.
* The XHTML namespace.
The default namespace is sometimes set to be XHTML, rather than their own. This is because we think it looks really odd having XHTML elements with a namespace. eg. <nowiki><xhtml:a href="http://totl.net"><xhtml:img src="fish.jpg" /></xhtml:a></nowiki> ... looks wrong!
The EPC namespace elements are dynamically resolved each time the file is used. This allows values to be inserted from the main configuration values and phrases for the current language. It also allows certain parts to made conditional. It's really handy to be able to say "this bit of the workflow only applies if the current user is in research group X".
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