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Create and execute an EPrints Search.
Create and execute an EPrints Search.
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This feature is under development. It is not yet available in any realeased version of EPrints. Use the talk page to make any suggestions.

Web services are under development and will not be part of the next release, but will be made available as a seperate download soon after.

There are security and reliability issues to address.


Note that things which are "int" inside eprints, such as eprintid's are "xsd:string" here. EPrints will check the data, rather than leaving it to the SOAP level. Also xsd:int can't be null.

There is no standard error responses yet.


xsd:string return = echo( xsd:string inputString, xsd:int stringDuplicationCount )

Returns the inputString repeated stringDuplicationCount times. This method is provided as a hello world style function to check the basics are working.


removeEprint( xsd:string eprintID )

remove the named eprint.


pm:Eprint eprint = getEprintFiles( xsd:string eprintID )

Return an eprint object including the files base64 encoded.


pm:Eprint eprint = getEprint( xsd:string eprintID )

Return an eprint object, but not the full data of the files.


putEprint( pm:Eprint eprint )

Upload a new EPrint including documents and files.


modifyEprint( xsd:string eprintID, pm:Eprint eprint )

Modify eprint record "eprintID". The eprint object should only contain fields which should be changed. Other fields will be left alone. This will not modify documents or files.


xsd:documentID = addDocument( xsd:string eprintID, pm:Document document )

Add this document to the eprint number eprintID. The document can include base64 encoded files.


modifyDocument( xsd:string documentID, pm:Document document )

Modify the metadata of the named document. Fields not mentioned in the document object passed in, will not be modified. Does not affect files.


removeDocument( xsd:string documentID )

Remove the named document from it's parent EPrint, erase any files attached to it.


addFile( xsd:string documentID, xsd:string filename, xsd:base64Binary data )

Add a file named 'filename' to the indicated document.


removeFile( xsd:string documentID, xsd:string filename )

Remove the file named 'filename' from the indicated document.


pm:ListEprint results = searchEprint( pm:ListParam params, pm:ListSearchField searchFields )

Create and execute an EPrints Search.