User Object

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Built in Fields

Field NameTypeDescription
useridint fieldThe ID number of this User Object (unique within a single repository)
rev_numberint fieldThe metadata revision number. Increased by 1 every time this record is modified.
saved_searchesmultiple subobject field
usernametext field
passwordsecret field
usertypenamedset field
newemailemail field
newpasswordsecret field
pintext field
pinsettimeint field
joinedtime field
emailemail field
langarclanguage field
editpermsmultiple search field
permission_groupmultiple namedset field
frequencyset field
mailemptyboolean field
items_fieldsmultiple fields field
review_fieldsmultiple fields field
latitudefloat field
longitudefloat fieldthese store the position on earth which this user relates to, if any. This could be where the user works or lives, for example.