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This is the feedback we got from Debra and Sue on the first "User Xperience Workshop" held on Fri 20 Nov 2009.

TODO: order the feedback, filter out, create requirements, create tickets on Mantis

Sue's comments

  • "Replace a document" to well... replace a document. Use cases: found out typos on the slides, fixed them, now want to upload new updated version of the document to EdShare
  • Don't see the difference between the Document description and the Share's title
  • Link to Creative Commons website next to "Licenses" on doc upload, to learn more about CC licensing
  • Possibility to convert to PDF,PPT,etc from the doc upload
  • After uploading a doc, Sue was perplexed in front of "need additional files? click here to...". She thought this was the way to add another document to a share while it's used for complex formats only (maybe don't show this for 'simple' formats)
  • Actually initially, Sue wasn't aware you could have more than one doc per share
  • Sue didn't see the 'Add file' button to add a new 'document'
  • Extra/improved examples on how to fill the form (eg examples of titles etc)
  • "Remember my creators' name" -> Sue likes to use a "prefered" name (ie Su not Susan as it's picked up from LDAP)... Maybe what she really wants is to be able to edit her name (cf. later)
  • Keywords input: "remember last 10 keywords" entered by that depositor
  • Same comment for Course Codes
  • Su doesn't like clicking on 'Add' to add a keyword, she'd rather press Enter
  • She didn't know you could add comma-separated keywords (it's on the collapsable help)
  • Sue couldn't see the doc description she entered on the My Shares screen (note: it's not shown on that page, so she didn't understand why she had to enter a doc desc. at all)
  • "Update file": Sue thought that was to replace a document while it's to update the file/doc's metadata


  • "No ideas on what to do with [CollectionSelect]!"
  • She then clicked on an item on [CollectionSelect] which opened a new tab and increased the confusion
  • She actually wants more metadata shown on CS so it's easier to find shares (the title alone is not good enough sometimes) -> content of the share, depositor, tags ...
  • Being able to sort shares on the 'Search' tab of the CS
  • Viewing perms: doesn't understand whether the perms of a collection supercede the perms of shares -> maybe collection should be public, point.
  • Pre-filled collection's tags with the shares' tags
  • "My Shares": doesn't show the content of a collection

My Shares

  • Being able to search my shares
  • Being able to view [10,20,..50] shares per page -> this is probably a comment about how search results are displayed in EPrints/EdShare generally=

Abstract Page

  • Sue couldn't find the 'edit share' link
  • Being able to convert a document to PDF/PPT etc. from the abstract page

Features 'requests'

  • Notify users/depositors by email about their monthly activity (eg. 'this month you ve created n shares etc')
  • Convert PPT/PPTX to 6up/9up formats
  • Firefox plugin that could save a link to edshare, as she does for delicious
  • Keywords should link to more data (cf. delicious): (sue clicks on keyword 'x') -> edshare shows info about who has used keyword 'x' and what other keywords they've used
  • Sue would like to be able to edit her name and her email address (to use her ecs' one)

Misc Comments

  • "No ideas about what the folder does" -> remove the Folder?
  • "Share #1234" (default title when the user didnt enter a title,cf UNSPECIFIED in EPrints)-> "what the hell is that"