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Chris Keene. Technical Development Manager, University of Sussex Library, UK.

Simple statistics


Provide basic usage statistics, for individual eprints and the whole system. Other tools and systems are available to provide more sophisticated solutions.

Before you start

  • Find out where your logs are, and if they are being 'rotated'
  • Find or create a directory where static html files can be places and accessible by the web server (we will use /home/eprints/htdocs/stats/)
  • Consider setting up Apache to use different log files for different eprint archives, and for non-eprints requests


The basics

  1. Install analog ( Most linux systems will have a package available for this.
  2. Download the gzip file containing the config files and perl scripts.
  3. unpack in to a directory, e.g. /home/eprints/analog/
  4. Ensure that the two perl scripts and the shell script and executable by you (e.g. chmod 744 *.pl)
  5. edit 'general.cfg' you will need to:
    1. Replace the fictional eprints users (foobar and with your own org
HOSTNAME "Foobar Research Online"
[Further down you may want to edit the SUBDOMAIN]
    1. Specify the location of the log file(s)
LOGFILE /usr/local/apache/logs/eprints_log
    1. You may need to uncomment and set up the DNS cache near the bottom (see for info)