Upgrading between EPrints 3.4 versions

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This page is intended to provide guidance for those upgrading between versions of EPrints 3.4. (e.g. 3.4.1 to 3.4.2). This is generally intended for those upgrading using source tarballs available on files.eprints.org or upgrading tagged release from EPrints 3.4 GitHub repository. However, if you are upgrading through EPrints Deb or RPM package repostories and you experience issues this page should also contain helpful advice.

General Advice

If you are running EPrints as a virtual machine, then it is worthwhile taking a snapshot that your could revert back to this in the event of an unsuccessful upgrade. Otherwise, you should take the following backups before starting an upgrade:

The EPrints database
This will likely have the same name as the archive.
The documents directory
This is the documents directory, directly under the archive's directory.
The Xapian index
This is in the var directory of the archive under the directory name xapian.
Your EPrints archive
All the directories and any files in your archive (i.e. <EPRINTS_PATH>/archives/<ARCHIVE_NAME>/), except: documents (see above), html and var (except xapian, see above).
The current EPrints codebase
In case any changes have been made to this. These may be needed if you have to rollback an upgrade or also apply these changes if they are needed in the upgraded version of EPrints. All directories in the EPrints path (e.g. /opt/eprints3/ or /usr/share/eprints/) should be backed up except: archives (see above), debian, license, pod, testdata, tests,tmp and var. No files in the top level EPrints path directory need to be backed up.

Upgrade Schedules

From a source tarball

From GitHub release

From Linux package repository