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This page has been deprecated.

These instructions refer to earlier versions of EPrints 3. It is advised that if you wish to upgrade you do so to the latest version of EPrints 3

Upgrading 3.0.x to 3.0.y

This is very easy - just run configure with the --prefix set to the location of the current repo (you may also need to set the --with-user and --with-group options). Then run install.pl to upgrade the software. Then run

epadmin upgrade REPOID

For each repository to update the database. Normally minor updates would not update the db at all. In this case all it does is add an SQL index to make things go faster. Restart the webserver in indexer after an upgrade. (or better, shut them off before you start to upgrade)

(lightly edited from [1], 2007-04-13 to eprints-tech)

Upgrading 3.0.x to 3.1.x

This is not yet widely tested, so at your own risk. Initial notes on 3.1.0-beta-2.

  • large repositories can take a significant chunk of time to run epadmin upgrade (many minutes)
  • "Views" get a little screwed up as the new configuration options are slightly altered.
  • New Features in EPrints 3.1 has a list of suggested configuration changes. The "variations" option replaces "subheadings" option.

Known issues:

  • epadmin upgrade reports lots of SQL errors, but these don't cause any problems
  • VLit plugin is broken
  • beta-2 has a bug which means "Smith, J" searches don't work on names but searching "Smith" does.
  • "include" option in view.pl is being ignored.

Upgrading 3.1.x to 3.1.y

  • unpack tar file to /[path]
  • (as root) cd /[path]/eprints-3.1.y
  • ./configure
  • ./install.pl
  • (as eprints) cd /opt/eprints3
  • epadmin upgrade [repoid]
  • epadmin update [repoid]
  • restart Apache ( /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload )