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Making translation to Eprints3 is similar to that of earlier versions. Here only some of the differences are pointed out.


Other configuration files

Subject list


Apart from translating the language dependent phrase files, some other modification might be useful for a multilanguage repository:

  • user names could be rendered depending on the language
  • expiration time for the pin codes (e.g. when registering)
  • generation time for the browse pages
  • proper utf-8 encoding for outgoing e-mails

Here are some ideas what to do.

Rendering user names

All fields can have their separate rendering routine. This routine should be given as the value of the render_single_value attribute. In our case modify the top of cfg.d/ file which contains the definition of the user fields as follows:

 $c->{fields}->{user} = [
         'name' => 'name',
         'type'   => 'name',
         'render_order' => 'gf',
         'render_single_value' => \&my_namefield_rendering,