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[http://www.eprints.org/software/training/programming/plugin-scripts/ Starter files and examples]
[http://www.eprints.org/software/training/programming/plugin-scripts/ Starter files and examples]
==More Reading==
[http://www.eprints.org/software/training/programming/api_techniques.pdf More about the API to make your export plugin more useful]
[[Create Export Plugins|Many more examples of export plugins]]
[[How to write plugins]]
[[Instructions for local plugins]]
[[Tips to write plugins]]
[[:Category:Plugins|Category page with many examples of export plugins]]

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This video explains how to create a simple export plugin and wrap it as a bazaar package. Export plugins allow you to present the data in EPrints in any format. Bazaar Packages enable you to share this format with others so your work can be re-used.

What you will learn

  • What an export plugin does, and how to write a simple, text-based example
  • How to ensure your plugin is compatible with different installations of EPrints (single and multiple repository)
  • Testing the plugin
  • Creating associated files and compiling the plugin
  • Sharing the plugin with the EPrints community and keeping it up to date

What you will need to know

  • How to use command line tools:
    • changing directories
    • listing contents of folders
    • copying, moving and editing text files
    • restarting the web server
    • creating new directories
  • Familiarity with Perl (the example modifies an existing plugin, so you need to be able to read and modify code following existing structures)



0:00 - create a new ASCII Citation based “hello” export plugin

3:20 - move plugin to /lib/plugins /folder

5:10 - disable “hello” plugin in /lib/ as a globally enabled plugin

6:00 - enable “hello” plugin in /lib/ as a locally enabled plugin

8:00 - create Bazaar package

12:30 - install new Bazaar package on another repository and test it

14:15 - create icon with Bazaar icon builder

15:45 - move created icon to /lib/static/images/?

17:05 - install Wordle Generator Bazaar package to confirm image path

18:00 - move the icon image to /lib/static/images/epm/

19:00 - publish completed Bazaar package to Bazaar.org

19:40 - create new version of the ‘hello’ Bazaar package

Notes, Errata and Additional Information


This video was created using EPrints 3.3.13 on Ubuntu. Files are edited using Vim.

Test Yourself

Plugin Exercises (includes other kinds of plugins):


Starter files and examples

More Reading

More about the API to make your export plugin more useful

Many more examples of export plugins

How to write plugins

Instructions for local plugins

Tips to write plugins

Category page with many examples of export plugins