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Know nothing about wikis? That's OK. Wikis are simple and there are people to help you.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create an account on this wiki
  • How to edit an existing wiki page
  • How to create a new wiki page
  • How to create headings and links

What You Should Already Know

  • No prior knowledge required



The Video can be found at


The Video

Notes and Additional Information

The wiki was upgraded in early December, 2015. It is no longer tied to EPrints LDAP. Due to a spam problem, account creation has been disabled. Please post a message to eprints-tech if you would like a wiki account.

Test Yourself

  • Create an account on the EPrints wiki
  • Add your name to the list below
    • Rachel Proudfoot
    • Adam Field
  • Edit the Demonstration Page that was created in the video.

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