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=== Item ===
=== Item ===
A single record in the system. aka "eprint", "record", "item"
A single record in the system. aka "eprint", "record", "item"

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A single record in the system. aka "eprint", "record", "item"

User Work Area

The buffer which contains unfinnished items. aka. "workarea", "inbox"

Editorial Review

The buffer which contains items awaiting editorial review. aka. "submission buffer","deposit buffer","buffer"

Live Archive?

The buffer which contains live items. aka "archive", "live"


The buffer which contains deleted items. aka "deletion","deletion buffer"


The part of the site which has pre-generated lists of items. aka "view","browse"


The feature which allows users to recieve updates when new items matching a search are added. aka. "subscription", "alerts"


A single eprints archive, with a database, website and configuration files. aka "archive"

User Home(??)

The page /perl/users/home aka "User area", "User home page", "registered users area", "user home"


The collective term for all of a single type of item, including subjects, users, subscriptions, documents, inbox, buffer, archive and deletion.