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==Removing User Registration==
==Removing User Registration==
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  service httpd restart
  service httpd restart
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Removing User Registration

Disable web user registration, edit the file;

 vi /var/lib/eprints3/archives/yourarchivename/cfg/cfg.d/registration.pl

Change the line :

$c->{allow_web_signup} = 1;

to :

$c->{allow_web_signup} = 0;

Change the file;

 vi /var/lib/eprints3/archives/yourarchivename/cfg/lang/en/static/error401.xpage
 <p><a href="{$config{perl_url}}/set_password">Register / Reset my password</a></p>

to :

 <p><a href="{$config{perl_url}}/set_password">Reset my password</a></p>

To remove register link under the search, edit the file;

vi /var/lib/eprints3/archives/yourarchivename/cfg/lang/en/phrases/dynamic.xml

Change the line :

<epp:phrase id="dynamic:not_logged_in">Not logged in. <a href="{$config{userhome}}">login</a> | <a  href="{$config{perl_url}}/register">register</a></epp:phrase>

To :

<epp:phrase id="dynamic:not_logged_in">Not logged in. <a href="{$config{userhome}}">login</a></epp:phrase>

Then as apache user run :

/var/lib/eprints3/bin/generate_static yourachivename

As root run :

service httpd restart