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Version History


  • Research groups 'Name' maximum length from 64 to 128
  • Current staff report column renamed from "contractFTE" to "contractedFTE"
  • "reasonsForNoConnectionStatement" column added to Current staff report
  • "reason_no_connections" user field options updated from: 'CaringResponsibilities', 'PersonalCircumstances', 'ReducedHours', 'NormalDisciplinePractice' to: 'CaringResponsibilities', 'PersonalCircumstances', 'ApproachingRetirement', 'DisciplinePractice'
  • Former staff contract report column renamed from "contractFTE" to "contractedFTE"
  • "reasonsForNoConnectionStatement" column added to Former staff contract report
  • Research Outputs report in "webOfScienceIdentifier" column maximum length changed from 15 to 20 characters
  • "isPendingPublication" and "pendingPublicationReserve" removed from Research Outputs report. Fields labelled as "DEPRECATED" in Add Info workflow for REF Selections.
  • New "isDelayedByCovid19" and "covid19Statement" fields, included in Research Outputs report
  • Minor accessibility updates


  • Export DOIs in Research Outputs report using the format (removing any data preceding the 10.)
  • EPrints reported as Gold OA via the REF CC (hefce_oa) problem have their openAccessStatus value set to 'Compliant'


  • Don't set an open_access_status value for items not of type D or E


  • Fix a bug where current staff and former staff were reporting all users assigned to a UoA for benchmarks other than the current benchmark. Former benchmarks will now report current and former staff in the same manner as the current benchmark, i.e. current staff = all users assigned to a UoA where their End Date has either not been set or is after 31/07/2020, former staff = all users assigned to a UoA with an End Date prior to 31/07/2020.


  • Apply bug fix from 2.1.3 to the Former Staff Contracts report too...


  • Which tabs appear in the complete submission Excel export (and which sections appear in the XML export) can now be configured in the local archive (useful for removing unused REF 4 tabs).
  • Tabs are now exported in the correct order for the complete submission Excel export (ResearchGroup, CurrentStaff, FormerStaff, FormerStaffContract, Output, StaffOutputLink, ResearchDoctoralsAwarded, ResearchIncome, ResearchIncomeInKind
  • CurrentStaff and StaffOutputLink will now export either HESA ID or Staff Identifier, but not both (with preference for HESA ID)
  • contracts column removed from the FormerStaff Excel export
  • HESA ID exported to FormerStaff and FormerStaffContract staffIdentifier column where available, or Staff ID where HESA is not available.
  • Add EPrint post-commit trigger to recommit any REF Selections this eprint has been selected for when the EPrint's REF CC compliance value has been updated


  • Fix bug with complete submission XML exports, ensuring it uses only reports specified in config.


  • Update authorContributionStatement and researchConnection to long text fields to reflect number of characters allowed by the submission system.


  • Update researchConnection to long text field for former staff contracts.
  • Fix accessibility DOM creation issue with Manage Former Staff Contracts screen.


  • Add assessor rating, plus configuration to display it as an optional field
  • Fix issue where a UoA Champion can see selections belonging to a UoA they are not a champion of.


  • Show REF CC compliance dot for items that have been selected
  • Dots only show next to items that REF CC OA compliance criteria apply to


  • Fix warning message bug


The REF Support plugin, derived from the REF2014 plugin, has been designed to support REF2021 submissions.

This plugin provides the following key features:

  • New Units of Assessment for REF2021.
  • Benchmarks – ability to conduct one or more trial runs of your submission as well as the final run.
  • Assign UoA Champions – assign champions to oversee allocated units so they can check and verify submissions as well as submit on behalf of others.
  • REF1 Profile Information – create an enhanced profile to generate the REF1 report.
  • Identify REF2 Outputs – individual staff taking part in the REF submission may select their outputs for submission, providing additional key information for the panel to consider.
  • REF CC integration – the compliance indicator from the REF Compliance Checker is shown when selecting outputs.
  • Record REF4 Data – store data about degrees awarded and research income for each unit of assessment.
  • Installs alongside existing REF2014 plugin functionality.

Further Information

EPrints Services offers a support package for assistance with installing and using this plugin. For more information about the REF Support Package, please contact