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Version History


  • Research groups 'Name' maximum length from 64 to 128
  • Current staff report column renamed from "contractFTE" to "contractedFTE"
  • "reasonsForNoConnectionStatement" column added to Current staff report
  • "reason_no_connections" user field options updated from: 'CaringResponsibilities', 'PersonalCircumstances', 'ReducedHours', 'NormalDisciplinePractice' to: 'CaringResponsibilities', 'PersonalCircumstances', 'ApproachingRetirement', 'DisciplinePractice'
  • Former staff contract report column renamed from "contractFTE" to "contractedFTE"
  • "reasonsForNoConnectionStatement" column added to Former staff contract report
  • Research Outputs report in "webOfScienceIdentifier" column maximum length changed from 15 to 20 characters
  • "isPendingPublication" and "pendingPublicationReserve" removed from Research Outputs report. Fields labelled as "DEPRECATED" in Add Info workflow for REF Selections.
  • New "isDelayedByCovid19" and "covid19Statement" fields, included in Research Outputs report
  • Minor accessibility updates


  • Export DOIs in Research Outputs report using the format (removing any data preceding the 10.)
  • EPrints reported as Gold OA via the REF CC (hefce_oa) problem have their openAccessStatus value set to 'Compliant'


  • Add assessor rating, plus configuration to display it as an optional field
  • Fix issue where a UoA Champion can see selections belonging to a UoA they are not a champion of.


  • Fix warning message bug


  • Show REF CC compliance dot for items that have been selected
  • Dots only show next to items that REF CC OA compliance criteria apply to


The REF Support plugin, derived from the REF2014 plugin, has been designed to support REF2021 submissions.

This plugin provides the following key features:

  • New Units of Assessment for REF2021.
  • Benchmarks – ability to conduct one or more trial runs of your submission as well as the final run.
  • Assign UoA Champions – assign champions to oversee allocated units so they can check and verify submissions as well as submit on behalf of others.
  • REF1 Profile Information – create an enhanced profile to generate the REF1 report.
  • Identify REF2 Outputs – individual staff taking part in the REF submission may select their outputs for submission, providing additional key information for the panel to consider.
  • REF CC integration – the compliance indicator from the REF Compliance Checker is shown when selecting outputs.
  • Record REF4 Data – store data about degrees awarded and research income for each unit of assessment.
  • Installs alongside existing REF2014 plugin functionality.

Further Information

EPrints Services offers a support package for assistance with installing and using this plugin. For more information about the REF Support Package, please contact