Quick Server Install Guide (Debian / Ubuntu Server)

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Step One - Install OS on server

  • When installing make a note of the hostname on your network (this will be assigned to you by the network administrator), this is required to make EPrints work fully

Step Two - Installing EPrints

  • Add the eprints package mirror by adding the following to /etc/apt/sources.list
 deb http://deb.eprints.org/ stable/
 deb-src http://deb.eprints.org/ source/
  • Install EPrints:
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install eprints

Step Three - Setting up a Repository

 sudo su eprints
 ./bin/epadmin create
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and ensure the hostname of your repository is correct. When done:
 a2ensite eprints3
 apache2ctl restart

Step Four - Check Install worked

  • From another computer browse to the hostname of your server, this should be the front page of your EPrints repository.

Step Five (Optional) - Insert Test Data

  • To add test data to you repository:
 sudo su eprints
 cd testdata
 ./bin/import_test_data "your_own_repository_id"