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PreviewPlus is a set of plugins for EPrints that create large previews of images, PDF, Word and PowerPoint, audio and video files. There is then a previewing tool which lets you visualise the previews. This is suitable for embeding in an abstract page or similar context. the previews are clear enough that the user can read documents without downloading them.


Details of how to install PreviewPlus can be found here:


Patrick McSweeney, Seb Francois and Marcus Ramsden


PreviewPlus, University of Southampton ©2009

This plugin is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. Details of this license can be found here.



600px wide previews of every page of PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT and PPTX. Video encoding to FLV Audio encoding to MP3 Large Previews of images

Preview viewer

An preview viewer designed to render in the abstract page and showing all the above previews. This includes Flowplayer for showing FLV and MP3. Previews are shown in accordence with eprints Security settings. If you do not have permission to download the file then you do not have permission to view the preview.