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OneShare Permissions model

This concerns: who can view/download a resource? who can edit a resource?


permissions of a document = permission of the parent resource

Some attributes/concepts work only on certain setups: for instance if you need to be able to share with staff only, then there should be a way to distinguish staff users from other type of users (on Edshare soton, this is captured via LDAP).

Viewing permissions

Default permission model will look like this (nb edshare permission between parenthesis):

  • Public (World)
  • Institution (University)
  • Owner (Private/Just me)

Can be extended to (depending on the setup):

  • Specific departments (Schools)
  • Specific users (Selected users)

Extra attributes can be added to the model (optionally):

  • Staff only?
  • Hide previews?


  • When setting or changing the VP (Viewing Perms) of a resource, the "eprint_status" field ([archive,inbox,review,deletion]) need to be updated, not to break EPrints.
  • When setting or changing the VP of a resource, the perm of related documents need to be updated (see field).
  • How to present this feature on the Workflow?
  • How to present this feature on the Workflow, when the user has disabled JS?

Editing permissions