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The 'ORCID Support' and 'ORCID Support Advance' plugins have been developed to group together various ORCID developments from across a range of repositories

'ORCID Support' provides basic ORCID functionality for the repository including the addition of a new ORCID metafield, ORCID rendering and validation, and basic reporting with the Generic Reporting Framework.

'ORCID Support Advance' builds upon the functionality of 'ORCID Support', and allows users to connect their repository profiles with their accounts on orcid.org. Once an account has been connected, the user may manage their orcid.org permissions, controlling how the repository reads and writes from orcid.org. If read permissions have been granted, works from orcid.org may be imported to the user's work area. If write permissions have been granted, records where the user's ORCID is present may be exported to their orcid.org profile.

ORCID Support

ORCID Support Advance

ORCID Support is required for ORCID Support Advance