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New Features in EPrints 3.3.x

This list will be fleshed out as we get closer to a final release.

EPrints Bazaar

"1-click" extensions and add-ons

Search engine plugins

Searches are now executed through the plugins layer with a new 'Search' plugin type. EPrints 3.3 comes with one new search engine: Xapian. Xapian is a probabilistic search engine that supports boolean queries. Requires the Search::Xapian Perl library and a full re-index.

The Internal search engine supports prefixed terms in simple search e.g. "title:(american eagle) birds".

XSLT-based Imports, Exports and Citation Styles

If XML::LibXSLT is installed import and export plugins and citation styles can now be written using the XSLT language (XML stylesheets). XSLT export plugins support "templating" to add headers and footers to the export.

Flexible object support

Define any new object classes which can be created, browsed, searched etc. EPrints already has a very flexible metadata scheme, similar to building up a database table. In 3.3 this flexibility is enhanced by allowing the easy creation of new dataset classes (eprints, users, documents etc.). Objects in these flexible datasets can be browsed, searched and viewed in a similar way to eprints. The may also be referred to by existing objects (item-referencing) or behave as a child-parent (as documents are to eprints).

SWORD 2.0/CRUD support

Improved workflow and document management

AJAX-based upload, deletion and updates of documents. Files now upload automatically and have a progress bar that works in all current browsers.

Document "actions" are now individual plugins allowing extensions to add actions to individual documents in the workflow. Supplied actions include conversion, unpacking (.zip and .tar.gz), additional files and metadata extraction.

Import workflows

Import plugins can now have a sibling Screen plugin that provides the interface for using that importer.

Upgrade Notes

  • Backup your database before installing this update. While upgrading has been tested you should always backup your repository before installing updates that change your database schema.
  • This is a new branch release that will make significant changes to your repository's database and configuration. Upgrading repositories may require fixes to appearance and/or configuration to continue working.

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