New Features in EPrints 3.2.1

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(This page is currently an unofficial, we're using it to keep track of what needs documenting etc.)

  • New way of configuring apache
  • epadmin now accepts a list of eprintids for recommit, reindex & reorder
  • Change to using repository in function calls etc.

Semantic Web Support

  • RDF+XML Format
  • N3 Format
  • NTriples format
  • URIs for all objects, including non dataobjs. eg. Authors, Events, Locations.
  • BIBO Ontology
  • Extendable
  • URIs now use content negotiation to decide which export plugin to redirect to, based on mime-types supplied by plugins and the "accept" header.
  • Relations between eprints and documents
  • Base URI for repository /id/repository leads to RDF describing the repository in voID and bibo
  • URI for subject trees links to RDF in skos for each tree