New Features in EPrints 3.2.1

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Upgrade Notes

  • Please read Upgrading 3.1 to 3.2 before attempting to upgrade your repository from 3.1 to 3.2.
  • You will need to run epadmin upgrade to update your database structure. Warning: This upgrade will add any missing SQL indexes to the database, this took around an hour on a large established repository.

(This page is currently an unofficial, we're using it to keep track of what needs documenting etc.)


  • Admin:Config:Edit screen now does syntax highlighting
  • Reworked eprint item control page UI
  • Improved login -- now detects and warns if cookies are not enabled.
  • Made the eprint_status filters a user preference on the Items screen
  • /cgi/counters now shows the indexer status (allowing nagios to monitor it)
  • /cgi/export can now export any dataset with the correct privilege set.
  • Summary tab has been renamed Preview and is hidden on live items, controlled by +eprint/archive/summary privilege

Command Line Tools

  • epadmin: now accepts a list of eprintids for recommit, reindex & reorder
  • indexer: Remove failed as well as inprogress tasks using --clear
  • indexer: Added --respawn option to indexer to control respawn timeout

Semantic Web Support

  • New Export formats: RDF+XML, N3, N-Triples
  • URIs for derived entities. eg. Authors, Events, Locations.
  • Extendable RDF system, by default uses BIBO Ontology
  • voID Ontology describes the repository via /id/repository
  • URIs now use content negotiation to decide which export plugin to redirect to, based on mime-types supplied by plugins and the "accept" header.
  • Semantic relations between eprints and documents
  • URI for subject trees links to RDF in SKOS for each tree


  • Unary-minus for EPScript
  • join() function for EPScript
  • Added EPrints::Const module for eprints constants
  • Triggers refined to use EPrints::Const for the trigger type ($c->add_trigger and $c->add_dataset_trigger)
  • New way of configuring apache
  • Change to using repository in function calls etc.
  • Bugfixes
  • Added export priv.
  • lib/cfg.d now contains 'default' configuration files which may be overridden in the archive cfg.d if needed.
  • Added 'codeview' javascript widget to admin config file editing