My First Bazaar Package

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In this tutorial you will create a "Hello, World" Screen and package it as a Bazaar Package (.epm).


You will need a working EPrints installation on which you have an administrator account. You will need to have access to the command line to create the files for the package.

Step 1 - Develop your package contents

From the root of the EPrints installation create the directory to contain the Screen plugin you're going to package:

$ mkdir -p lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/

Create the screen plugin using your preferred text editor and add the sample content below:

$ gedit lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/
package EPrints::Plugin::Screen::Hello;

@ISA = ( 'EPrints::Plugin::Screen' );

use strict;
# Make the plug-in
sub new
   my( $class, %params ) = @_;

   my $self = $class->SUPER::new(%params);

   # Where the button to access the screen appears if anywhere, and what priority
   $self->{appears} = [
          place => "admin_actions",
          position => 1247,

   return $self;

# Anyone can see this screen
sub can_be_viewed { 1 }

# What to display
sub render
   my( $self ) = @_;

   my $frag = $self->{repository}->xml->create_text_node( "Hello, World!" );

   return $frag;


Create the package directory that will contain the package's configuration file:

$ mkdir -p lib/epm/hello_world/cfg/cfg.d

Create a configuration file that enables the plugin - this file is copied into the repository when the package is enabled:

$ gedit lib/epm/hello_world/cfg/cfg.d/
$c->{plugins}{"Screen::Hello"}{params}{disable} = 0;

Step 2 - Create a blank package

In AdminSystem ToolsEPrints Bazaar, select the Developer Tools tab.

At the bottom of this screen is a form to create a new EPM. Enter the name (without quotes) "hello_world" and click Create.

You can fill out the metadata if you wish but at this stage you are only required to have a version, which defaults to "1.0.0".

At the bottom of the screen (the Files selector) you need to add the two files you created above:

  • epm/hello_world/cfg/cfg.d/
  • plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/

Click Save and Return to return to the EPrints Bazaar screen.

If you make a mistake you can click Edit on the Developer Tools tab to re-edit the package.

Step 4 - Enable and test the package

On the EPrints Bazaar Installed tab click Enable for the hello_world package. After a short time you should see a repository configuration reloaded message.

In AdminSystem ToolsMisc. Tools you should now a button-link to your plugin (although with a missing phrase).

For some hints on loading and manipulating EPrints see Manipulating eprints in 3.2.