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The MultiLang plugins introduces multiple language support in EPrints fields. The specific plugin replaces title and abstract fields with their multilanguage version (ml_title and ml_abstract respectively), but this wiki-page will explain how one can achieve this functionality in other EPrints fields as well.

Installation Prerequisites



Install through the EPrints Bazaar

How to use the plugin

Once the plugin has been installed, the user needs to edit the workflow to contain the multilingual fields' versions instead of the default ones. This procedure is explained in MultiLang Fields Bazaar Package::Edit workflow section.

How the plugin works

In order to introduce a new field in EPrints (such as the ml_title field), a few things need to take place:

  • The field's name and functionality needs to be introduced to the EPrints system via a configuration file located in ~eprints/archives/<reponame>/cfg/cfg.d/.
  • EPrints' database needs to be updated to include the new field. This is achieved when user eprints executes (from his home directory):
$ ./bin/epadmin update reponame
  • The appropriate phrases need to be added for each field and for each supported language.
  • The workflow needs to be edited in order to contain the new fields - and not include the original ones.
  • The repository needs to be reloaded, by running:
$ ./bin/epadmin reload reponame

within eprints' home directory.

Edit workflow