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Complete Transfer

Moving an archive from one machine to another is a three-step process:

  1. Transfer Mysql Database
  2. Transfer Eprints Configuration Files
  3. Reconfigure The Archive On the New Machine

Note: All of these steps are performed from the NEW machine.

!!Transfer Mysql Database

Back up the Mysql database on the old machine.

  shell> ssh    # you will be asked for the password
  shell> cd /root           #run the following command from root directory
  shell> mysqldump -p --quick test1 | gzip > test1.old.gz
  shell> exit               #leave the old server

Move the file to the new server and install it (do this as root).

Note: The eprints indexer should not be running

  shell> sftp   #remote login to FTP
  sftp > get /root/test1.old.gz /root
  sftp > quit
  shell> bin/indexer stop # just in case it is running
  shell> mysqladmin -p create test1
  shell> gunzip < /root/test1.old.gz | mysql -p test1
  shell> mysql -p
  mysql> show databases;    #test1 should be in the list
  mysql> quit
  shell> bin/indexer start

!!Transfer Eprints Configuration Files

Tar up files on old server (logged on as root).

  shell> ssh    # you will be asked for the password
  shell> cd /opt/eprints2/archives
  shell> tar cvf test1.tar /opt/eprints2/archives/test1
  shell> exit

Be sure you are logged onto the new server as root

  shell> sftp
  sftp > get /opt/eprints2/archives/test1.tar /opt/eprints2/archives
  sftp > get /opt/eprints2/archives/test1.xml /opt/eprints2/archives
  sftp > quit
  shell> cd /
  shell> ls -l /opt/eprints2/archives    #check the ownership of files

If the files test1.tar and test1.xml are not owned by eprints, do the following:

  shell> chown eprints:eprints /opt/eprints2/archives/test1.xml
  shell> chown eprints:eprints /opt/eprints2/archives/test1.xml

Log on or su to the eprints user and untar the file (be sure you are in the root (/) directory!):

  shell> tar xvf /opt/eprints2/archives/test1.tar

!!Reconfigure The Archive On the New Machine

Move to the eprints2 directory.

  shell> cd /opt/eprints2.  #must be here to run following command
  shell> bin/configure_archive test1

Note1: As you go through configure_archive, be very sure that if you change any of the settings from the default you know what you are doing and why!

Note2: If you are going to use the same URL on the new machine as you did on the old one, do not forget to update your local DNS server to point the URL to the new server.

Note3: You will be asked if you want to create the database or archive files. You do not want to do that as they are already there.

  shell> bin/generate_static test1

If you get an access denied error for the Mysql database, it is probably because the user has not been identified in Mysql. Add a new user (in this case, eprints is the new user) as follows:

  shell> mysql -p  #you will be prompted for the password
  mysql> grant all on test1.* to eprints@localhost;
  mysql> set password for eprints@localhost = password('eprints4ever');
  mysql> quit

Once generate_static completes without errors, continue:

  shell> bin/generate_abstracts test1
  shell> bin/generate_views test1
  shell> bin/generate_apacheconf

Do not forget to stop and start the apache server so the above changes can be applied.


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