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misc.pl contains miscellaneous configuration.

  • $c->{pagehooks} - Hooks for adding elements/attributes to HTML specific parts of the page e.g. <head>, <body>, etc.
  • $c->{use_mimetex} - If you want to use mimetex.cgi rather than EPrints standard LaTeX rendering runction.
  • $c->{cookie_auth} - A legacy setting as there is no good reason to use basic rather than cookie authentication.
  • $c->{skip_buffer} - Whether the review buffer state should be skipped and deposited items should go directly into the live archive.
  • $c->{cookie_domain} - The value for the domain attribute for site cookies. By default, just the hostname for the repository.
  • $c->{pin_timeout} - Time before a pin for resetting the password of a user account expires. Default is 7 days.
  • $c->{cache_timeout} - How long an unused search result cache will be retained. Default 10 minutes.
  • $c->{cache_maxlife} - How long an search result cache will be retained even if it is in use. Default 12 hours.
  • $c->{cache_max} - Maximum number of cache tables that can exist at any one time. Default 100.

There is also a commented out trigger for adding additional URLs to the XML sitemap (i.e. /sitemap.xml).