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Found in 1.0-rc1-7 by TMB:

  1. [Must fix] published items is sorted oldest first so after youve created 10 items the list never changes..
  2. [Must fix] MePrintsInstall - need better comments in the patch, currently comments say "seb"
  3. [Must fix] cfg.d/ - needs documentation (TMB todo)
  4. [Must fix] Public profile page - all info seems to be inside the <h2> element - could not reproduce pm5
  5. [Must fix] Issues widget - not shown in descending date order (hint: typo "customorder" in code
  6. [Must fix] Published Items widget - not shown in descending date order (hint: typo "customorder" in code)
  7. [Must fix] Inbox widget - not shown in descending date order (hint: typo "customorder" in code)
  8. [Must fix] Diabled Widgets when viewing other users Homepages - so users cant see whats in other users inboxes and so on
  9. [Must fix] Views - change "User's Expertise" to "Staff by Expertise" - dont think staff is a good word. Staff is a loaded term in eprints and also not all users will be staff pm5
  10. [Must fix] Views - change "User's Department" to "Staff by Department"
  11. [Must fix] Views - NULL values get shown (hint: change allow_null to 0 in view definition)
  12. [Must fix] Going to User::View (eg. from Admin user search) uses the old title ("Profile") - override phrase to "Homepage" in meprints phrases
  13. [Must fix] Homepage - when viewing another user's homepage, I can still Upload photo but this changes my own photo - don't show Upload photo option unless current_user == userid? - users should not be able to see other users home pages pm5
  14. [Could Not Reproduce] Views - after hiding all previously public profiles, eprint citations were rendered in the view list (need to work out how to reproduce)
  15. [Won't Fix] Views - after hiding all previously public profiles and regenerating views, view pages still show expertise/department values - knows eprints bug, counter in the views menu is rarely correct.
  16. [Must fix] Views - can't get user_dept view to work - no list pages generated
  17. [Must fix] Embeddable widget - needs to explain what is being shown (most popular items?)
  18. [Must fix] Embeddable widget - show user info (department, organisation, expertise, bio etc)
  19. [Must fix] Embeddable widget - show latest additions ("Published Items" widget)
  20. [Must fix] Embeddable widget - needs link to public user profile page Currently hardcoded to /profile/$userid
  21. [Must fix] Embeddable widget - SECURITY! shows profile even if profile is private
  22. [Would be nice] Most viewed items widget - change "You have not published any items yet" to "No views"
  23. [Would be nice] EPrint Issues widget - change "You have not published any items yet" to "No issues"
  24. [Would be nice] Published Items widget - change title to "Latest Additions"
  25. [Would be nice] EPrint Issues widget - change title to "Issues"
  26. [Would be nice] Published Items widget - link to list of all items
  27. [Would be nice] Homepage - after adding all widgets, get an empty list box
  28. [Would be nice] Homepage - slight usability issue with dragging widgets - might be better if only the title area of the widget was draggable
  29. [Would be nice] Homepage - users can move other user's widgets - maybe don't render widgets at all if current_user != userid
  30. [Would be nice] Abstract page - link authors names to their public profile pages
  31. [Would be nice] Profile page - show homepage URL
  32. [Would be nice] Homepage - include Help section with instructions for embedding profile in other Web pages
  33. [Won't fix] MePrintsInstall - why is it a reverse patch?
  34. [Won't fix] use /meprints/tmb instead of /profile/tmb in profile URLs
  35. [Won't fix] moving widgets on the profile causes a stack trace in the error_log

Fixed in 1.0-rc1-7:

  • There are a few missing phrases - ["Plugin/Screen/User/UploadPicture:resetpic_success" not defined] ["Plugin/Screen/User/UploadPicture:upload_failure" not defined]
  • The user functions are now in a toolbar but they also have their own widget. The widget should probably be removed.
  • EPrints::Plugin::MePrints::MePrintsHandler does not check if $repository is defined (line 19)
  • EPrints::Plugin::MePrints::Layout::get_widgets should "my @ids = $self->{session}->plugin_list( type => 'MePrints' );" (line 205) to make it work on EP 3.2!

Fixed in 1.0-rc1-6:

  • bin/generate_meprints should have -I/opt/eprints3/perl_lib by default instead of seb's local install path... Oops.
  • the search writes the number of results in the errorlog: to remove. (It looks like: "1 users found.")

Fixed in 1.0-rc1-5:

  • QuickLinks widget should use render_action_list_bar to display available actions below the user details/picture (links currently have BAD URLs)
  • when an admin searches for a user account, they see their OWN homepage, not the user's (use $processor->{user} not $session->current_user
  • the widget control bar (add/remove/reset) should only be available if $processor->{user} = $session->current_user
  • add "user_section_meprints" phrase -> "MePrints"
  • phrase "Plugin/Screen/User/UploadPicture:upload_success missing
  • cgi/meprints/profile - return() line 9?
  • wrong URL in citations/user/default_with_thumbnail.xml
  • missing phrase "Plugin/Screen/Public/MePrintsSearch:title"
  • searching using cgi/meprints/search gives Internal Server Error
  • bin/generate_views ARCHIVEID - This yields an unblessed reference error after installing everything. (The message is; Can't call method "is_browsable" on unblessed reference at /usr/share/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/Update/ line 1041.)