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See the [[Main Page]] for other areas of this wiki.
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= Introduction =
= Introduction =
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* [[History]]  
* [[History]]  
= Installing EPrints & Getting Started =
= Installing EPrints
* [[Required software]]
* [[Installation|Installing EPrints]]
** [[Recommended Platforms]]
** [[Installing Eprints 3 on Fedora Core 6]]
** [[Installing EPrints 3 on RedHat Enterprise 4]]
** [[Installing EPrints 3 on OS X]]
** [[Installing EPrints 3 on Ubuntu 6.10]]
** ''[[:Category:Installation|other platforms]]''
* [[Upgrading EPrints 3 versions]]
* [[Migration|Migrating from EPrints 2.3]]
* [[Getting Started with EPrints 3|Getting Started]]
* [[Backups]]
* [[Troubleshooting]]
* Advanced Installation
** [[Https3]]
* [[:Category:Installation|Installing]] EPrints on various platforms.
= How-to Guides =
''[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howto What is a how-to?]
* Orientation <span style="color: #f94; font-size: 130%">(Start here)</span>
** [[Configuration orientation|New to EPrints 3?]]  - ''before diving into the how-tos, take some time to read through this brief orientation guide and familiarise yourself with the EPrints configuration landscape...''
** [[EPrints_3_Configuration_orientation_for_EPrints_2_administrators|Migrated from EPrints 2?]] - ''this orientation guide is intended to help you re-orient yourselves in your new EPrints 3 set up...''
* [[Branding with confidence]] - ''one of the most common EPrints customisations is to add your own institution's branding and "look and feel" to the interface...''
** [[Branding, the next level]] - ''how to completely change the interface to your own design''
* [[Adding new views]]
* Workflow
* Deposit Types
** [[Removing types]]
* Metadata
* Subjects (fold in with Organisation Hierarchy under "controled vocabularies")
* [[EPrints_3_Organisation_Hierarchy|Organisation Hierarchy]] - ''how to put your own organisation's Hierarchy into EPrints 3''
* Searches
* [[Autocompletion and Authority Files (Romeo Autocomplete)]] - ''add autocomplete functionality to the Publication Title input field based on an authority file downloaded from EPrints Romeo...''
* [[Create Export Plugins]] - ''create a Perl Module that will export your data...''
* [[Login-Only Repository]] - ''require a username and password to access all pages (including search, browse, and the front page)...''
* [[Change Deposit Status in Bulk]] - ''move a large number of deposits from inbox to archive
* [[Customisation|more]]
= Misc =
* [[Preservation Support]] in GNU EPrints 3
* [[i18n]]
* [[How to contribute]]
** [[Extension Packages]]
= Technical Reference =
* [[EPrints Directory Structure]] - will be linked somewhere better, later.
* [[Metadata]] - configuring metadata fields.
* [[Archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/|Repository Configuration]]
* [[XML Configuration]] Files
** [[EPScript]] - documentation for the EP3 Scripting language (for use in citations and workflow files).
** [[EPrints Control Format]] - the structure used to embed EPScript in an XML configuration file.
** [[Citation Format]]
** [[Workflow Format]] - the structure of the EP3 workflow files
** [[Phrase Format]]
** [[Template Format]]
** [[XPAGE Format]]
* [[XML Export Format]]
* EPrints data structure
** of the software
** of the database (relating the dataobjects to each other using eprints fields)
* [[Data Object]]s and data sets
** The [[EPrint Object]]
** The [[User Object]]
** The [[Document Object]]
** The [[Subject Object]]
** The [[Saved Search Object]]
** The [[History Object]]
** The [[Access Object]]
** The [[Request Object]]
* Plugins
** Import
** [[Export Plugins]]
** Components
** Screen
** Convert
* [[Autocompletion]]
** [[Understanding IDs in Workflow Forms]]
* [[API]]
* [[Dynamic Template System]]

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= Installing EPrints