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Although all names should be shown for exports, sometimes an EPrint has so many creators or editors it is really not useful to display then all without user prompting. Therefore, a render function (in lib/cfg.d/ has been written for EPrints 3.4.2+ to allow some names to be hidden and then displayed when a link on "et al" is clicked. Below describes how you can make good use of the render function:

1. Edit your archive's cfg/cfg.d/ and create a virtual field replica of the name field on which you want to be able to limit authors. The example bellow will limit the number of creators display to 10 before showing an "et al" so you can display the rest.

        name => 'creators_name_limited',
        type => 'name',
        virtual => 1,
        render_value => 'limit_names_shown',
        render_limit => 10,

2. Copy your archive's cfg/citations/eprint/default.xml to cfg/citations/eprint/display.xml.

3. Edit cfg/citations/eprint/display.xml adding _limited to all the name fields you want to limit the number of names initially displayed.

4. Edit your archive's cfg/citations/eprint/summary_page.xml and cfg/citations/eprint/result.xml replace item.citation('default') with item.citation('display'). (N.B. you may need to modify other citation styles if they have been created for your archive). If the summary_page.xml and result.xml do not already exists in you archive, you need to copy these from flavours/pub_lib/citations/eprint/ to you archive and then edit these files within the archive's cfg/citations/eprint/ directory.

5. Reload the webserver, using the appropriate command for your particular Linux operating system. E.g.

root@redhat> apachectl graceful
root@ubuntu> apache2ctl graceful