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EPrints 3 Reference: Directory Structure - Metadata Fields - Repository Configuration - XML Config Files - XML Export Format - EPrints data structure - Core API - Data Objects

This directory contains system configuration files. Generally these should not need to be changed but if you have a different server setup to what EPrints expects, these files my need to be edited.

  • eprints3/lib/syscfg.d
    • - Core system configuration for use with the web server and filesystem.
    • - Configuration for location of third-party executables EPrints might need to use.
    • - Invocations commands for third-party executables EPrints might need to use.
    • README - A readme file about how files in this directory work.
    • - Configuration to allow disabling of individual repository archives without having to move them.
    • - Various settings if the user, group and SMTP server for EPrints needs to be explicitly set.