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Editing the contents of this directory is not recommended. See Read Only Directories.

This directory contains language neutral files which will appear on every repository website.

These files can be overridden by placing files in eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/static/

  • eprints3/lib/static
    • digirep.xsl -
    • favicon.ico - The icon used when the site is bookmarked (and that appears in the tabs in firefox)
    • images/ - images to appear on all repo. websites
    • javascript/ - javascript to appear on all repo. websites
    • oai2.xsl - An XSL transform file to make the OAI interface appear human readable in browsers.
    • robots.txt - An instruction to search engines to leave the /cgi/ directory alone.
    • style/ - Style (CSS + images) which is used on all repo. websites.