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Editing the contents of this directory is not recommended. See Read Only Directories.

The /lib directory contains lots of data files used by the EPrints system. Plugins may install extra data files here, but files in this folder (and below) should not be edited by hand. See Read Only Directories.

  • eprints3/lib
    • citations/ - Citation configuration files which are not repository specific.
    • defaultcfg/ - The default configuration for a new repository.
    • lang/ - Language specific lib data files.
    • static/ - Language neutral items which appear in the website of every eprints repository (eg. javascript and arrow icons).
    • themes/ - Data for themes.
    • workflows/ - Workflow configuration files which are not repository specific.
    • xhtml-entities.dtd - XHTML entities. This is used when loading XML files so that things like   or é will be treated correctly.