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The Jisc Publications Router aims to streamline the process of articles appearing in a publication to being deposited in an institutional repository. As described by Jisc:

"Jisc Publications Router is a messaging system that receives notifications about article publications from publishers and other sources (e.g. Europe PMC) and routes these using a matching algorithm to particular institutional repositories. At its simplest, a notification is simply a metadata package providing details of an article that has either been accepted for publication or has been published. The notification may also include the article text either embedded in the metadata or in associated binary files, for example PDF or WORD documents and graphics files." - https://pubrouter.jisc.ac.uk/about/resources/

For EPrints repositories to ingest content from the Publications Router, a bespoke import plugin has been developed, the Jisc PubRouter RIOXX Importer.

Jisc PubRouter RIOXX Importer

The Jisc PubRouter RIOXX Importer plugin, available from the Bazaar, receives input from the Jisc PubRouter in the form of XML that utilises the RIOXX Metadata Application Profile to describe a record. The plugin receives a range of metadata values from PubRouter and converts this into EPrints metadata so that a new EPrints record may be created.

The PubRouter data may also contain links to documents that are either hosted on the PubRouter or elsewhere. Where possible, documents are downloaded from the specified links and added to the newly created EPrint record. Documents hosted on the PubRouter are only accessible with the use of an API key that the repository must provide when requesting the document.

For Developers

The Jisc PubRouter RIOXX Importer plugin installs a configuration file at the local archive level. The API key needed to download documents from PubRouter is stored here, e.g.

 #PubRouter API key for importing document via URL supplied by PubRouter
 $c->{plugins}{"Import::PubRouter"}{params}{api_key} = "ENTER PUBROUTER API KEY HERE";

The configuration file also sets a flag that enables the repository to download and import documents from the Web, which the import plugin needs if documents are to be added to the imported records.

 #allow documents to be imported via URL
 $c->{enable_web_imports} = 1;

As well as ensures that the Atom Export plugin, required for generating SWORD deposit responses, has not been disabled.

 $c->{plugins}->{"Export::Atom"}->{params}->{disable} = 0;

A new mapping of license values to URLs is also provided for the purpose of autocompleting RIOXX fields where the RIOXX2 plugin is installed.