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Version 1.0 - initial release

This package helps repository administrators find records with duplicate metadata. It is an alternative to the existing Issues tool, with a simplified interface.

This is our initial version, we are already planning on further work to this plugin.

This work has been funded by Jisc and carried out by EPrints Services.

The package is called "Issues2", rather the "Duplicates" as the aim is that it will grow to cover issues beyond duplicates, and can then be used to replace the original Issues features.


1) Install the Bazaar package via the normal Admin -> System Tools -> EPrints Bazaar route.

2) There is a server side script which is designed to be run periodically (e.g. nightly) which inspects the contents of your repository. It is recommended that you run this via 'cron'. e.g. add the following to your crontab (run "crontab -e") to run at 5am each night.

00 05 * * * /opt/eprints3/lib/bin/issues_audit2 MYREPO --quiet


To use Issues2 once installed, go to the Admin section of your repository. Under the Editorial Tools you'll see a new button called "Duplicates Search". Clicking this takes you to a new search interface, where you can search for various types of issues. The search results page shows you a list a records detailing the detected issues. From this page you can manage the record in question, see a quick comparison of its metadata against its duplicate, or acknowledge the issue so its removed from the list.