Installing Oracle

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 This page is a working document. Oracle support hasn't been fully tested yet.


  • An Oracle database with an account that has full privileges
  • Oracle database client
  • DBD::Oracle


Install EPrints as normal but don't create a (MySQL) database.

Edit archives/[repoid]/cfg/cfg.d/ to add the Oracle configuration:

   #$c->{dbname} = 'eprints';
   #$c->{dbhost} = 'localhost';
   #$c->{dbport} = undef;
   #$c->{dbsock} = undef;
   $c->{dbdriver} = 'Oracle';
   $c->{dbsid} = 'XE';
   $c->{dbuser} = 'HR';
   $c->{dbpass} = 'HR';

dbsid is the name of the Oracle database.

Create the database and import subjects:

./bin/epadmin create_tables [repoid]
./bin/import_subjects [repoid]
./bin/epadmin create_user [repoid]

Continue configuring EPrints.


Depending on your server configuration you may find you need to set environment variables for DBD::Oracle to find your Oracle client:

export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server

At the moment starting the indexer from the Admin page doesn't work, due to the Oracle environment variables not being present.