Installing EPrints using Docker

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You will need both Docker and Docker Compose to make use of EPrints' Docker configurations, if you install Docker Desktop you get both of these.

Download either EPrints 3.4.1 or EPrints 3.4 GitHub HEAD Docker configuration tarball from

Either of these Docker configurations will set up two containers, one for EPrints' database (MySQL) and the other for EPrints' webserver (Apache).

Edit docker-compose.yml and set EPRINTS_HOSTNAME to the name of your host machine, localhost is the default and fine if you end to access this EPrints instance locally.

Disable any services on your computer that may be binding to TCP port 80, as this will be needed by EPrints' webserver Docker container.

An EPrints publications installation will be available via http://yourhost once set up. You can login to this using the following credentials:

User: admin
Password: admin123

Useful Commands

  • To build and start
$ docker-compose up --build -d
  • For a normal start (i.e. when the containers have been previously built)
$ docker-compose up -d
  • To shut down
$ docker-compose down

Known Issues