Installing EPrints on RHEL/Fedora/CentOS

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  • RedHat Enterprise/CentOS 7 (earlier versions may work)


Add the repository key:

rpm -ivh

... the EPrints repository:

rpm -ivh

... on RHEL 5.x only the RHEL updates repository:

rpm -ivh

... on RHEL 6.x only install antiword if installing EPrints 3.2.x or earlier (from 3.3 onwards only used to as a Word -> PDF converter so not strictly necessary):

rpm -ivh
# or for 64 bit:
rpm -ivh

Upgrade your XML libraries:

yum upgrade libxml2 libxslt perl-XML-LibXML perl-XML-LibXSLT

Install EPrints 3:

yum install eprints3 # 3.2.x
yum install eprints # 3.3.x and later

Other sources for dependencies

The following RPM repositories may be useful for finding other dependencies required by EPrints that aren't part of the core RHEL system. - Fedora Extras for RHEL. - RPMforge, which covers a very large range of Perl modules plus others.

ImageMagick provide an RPM for RHEL/CentOS 5. At time of writing the RPM requires fftw3, fltk, jasper and openexr which are available from RPMForge. libwebp is available from


If you're using SELinux on your server you will need to give Apache read/write access to the documents directory for all repositories you create and the eprints var folder (indexer log, ticker files):

chcon -R -h -t httpd_sys_script_rw_t /usr/share/eprints/archives/[repoid]/documents/
chcon -R -h -t httpd_sys_script_rw_t /usr/share/eprints/var/

Getting Started

Getting Started with EPrints 3


Failed to parse XML file

When installing EPrints on RHEL6 (may apply to other versions), If you get the error:

Failed to parse XML file:
/usr/share/eprints/lib/lang/en/phrases/system.xml: Entity: line 396: parser error : Entity 'nbsp' not defined age or title page. If there are more...


sed -i 's/ / /g' /usr/share/eprints/lib/lang/en/phrases/system.xml

then navigate to the root of your EPrints install (/opt/eprints or /usr/share/eprints) and run

bin/generate_views *repository_id*
bin/epadmin reload *repository_id*