Installing EPrints 3 on Win32

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Warning This feature requires EPrints version 3.2 or later

This page contains notes concerning installing version 3.2 on Win32-based platforms. There is still work to go on supporting EPrints on Win32.

Download EPrints Windows Installer

Do not install this until ALL supporting software is in place and in the places outlined.

Supporting Software


Download and install Apache 2.2 + OpenSSL (if needed) from

  • Change the installation directory to C:\Apache


Download and install MySQL from

  • Change default character set to Best support For Multilingualism


Download and install ActiveState Perl from


Install mod_perl from the command prompt:

Other Modules

Install DBD::mysql from the command prompt:

  • ppm install DBD-mysql


Edit the Apache configuration file C:\Apache\conf\httpd.conf and add below the last LoadModule line:

LoadFile C:/perl/bin/perl510.dll
LoadModule perl_module modules/

And at the end of the file:

Include C:/eprints/cfg/apache.conf


Download EPrints for Windows from