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IRStats Development Goals


  • 'Browse View' style public stats.
  • Non-public stats accessed via screen plugins.
  • Default 'out-the-box' configuration.
  • Generalisation to repository reporting tool. Graphs available on e.g. citation counts.
  • the ability to see users paths through the site.
  • the ability to gather stats about how pages are used in eprints. Example: "how many times is this button used compared to this button" or "does anyone actually use this feature"

Back End

  • Full integration with EPrints Configuration.
  • Replacement of ChartDirector with an open-source charting package.
  • Anonymisation of downloaders to comply with privacy legislation.
  • HTML produced with DOM objects (high priority)


Things which don't need to go in the first release, but we should keep in mind so we don't make them hard to add later.

  • Recommender - people who downloaded this paper also looked at....