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Setting up EPrints3 to work with https is a little tricky. There seems to be a few bugs to be worked round. This How To considers the following scenario:

Two repositories, repos1 and repos2, being served by virtual hosts repos1.FQDN:80 and repos2.FQDN:80

A single https domain, at eprints.FQDN:443 (so that only one certificate is needed). Secure pages for repos1 and repos2 will be accessed at eprints.FQDN:443/repos1 and eprints.FQDN:443/repos2 respectively.

This How To should work with EPrints 3.0 or 3.0.1. It was developed on Ubuntu Server 6.06, but should work on other systems without significant changes. The instructions can be adapted for an arbitrary number of repositories.

It is assumed that EPrints is installed in /opt/eprints3/.

Getting started

Install EPrints 3.x following the appropriate instructions.

Run bin/epadmin create twice to create repos1 and repos2.

Edit /opt/eprints3/archives/repos1/cfg/cfg.d/ to read:

$c->{host} = 'repos1.FQDN'; $c->{port} = 80; $c->{aliases} = []; $c->{securehost} = 'eprints.FQDN'; $c->{securepath} = '/repos1';

Make secure versions of the templates:

cp /opt/eprints3/archives/repos1/cfg/lang/en/templates/default.xml /opt/eprints3/archives/repos1/cfg/lang/en/templates/secure.xml

Repeat these steps for repos2.

Generate the Apache configuration:


Add 'Include /opt/eprints3/cfg/apache.conf' to the Apache configuration (for Ubuntu / Debian, can replace everything in /etc/apache/sites-avaliable/default with 'Include /opt/eprints3/cfg/apache.conf'). Apache should now be correctly configured to serve the non-secure pages.

Secure Apache Configuration

Next, we want to configure Apache to serve the secure pages. However, generate_apacheconf hasn't created a secure.conf file in /opt/eprints3/cfg/ so this needs to be done manually. Some configuration has been generated for us in /opt/eprints3/archives/repos1/var/auto-secure.conf and /opt/eprints3/archives/repos2/var/auto-secure.conf, but there are some problems with this:

Some sections of the configuration overlap; The EPrints_ArchiveID and PerlSetVar EPrints_Secure variables have not been set. We'll therefore create our own configuration. Create a new file called cfg/secure.conf:

  1. cfg/secure.conf:

NameVirtualHost *:443 <VirtualHost *:443>

 ServerAdmin itsupport@FQDN
 ServerName  eprints.FQDN
 SSLEngine On
 SSLCertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl/apache.pem
 ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/error.log
 # Possible values include: debug, info, notice, warn, error, crit,
 # alert, emerg.
 LogLevel warn
 CustomLog /var/log/apache2/access.log combined
 ServerSignature On
DocumentRoot "/var/www/eprints"
 <Directory "/opt/eprints3/cgi/users">
   AuthName "User Area"
   AuthType "Basic"
   PerlAuthenHandler EPrints::Apache::Auth::authen
   PerlAuthzHandler EPrints::Apache::Auth::authz
   require valid-user
   SetHandler perl-script
   PerlHandler ModPerl::Registry
   PerlSendHeader Off
   Options ExecCGI FollowSymLinks
 <Directory "/opt/eprints3/cgi/users/awstats">
   PerlSendHeader On
 <Directory "/opt/eprints3/cgi">
   SetHandler perl-script
   PerlHandler ModPerl::Registry
   PerlSendHeader Off
   Options ExecCGI FollowSymLinks
 PerlTransHandler EPrints::Apache::Rewrite
 Include /opt/eprints3/archives/repos1/var/manual-secure.conf 
 Include /opt/eprints3/archives/repos2/var/manual-secure.conf


Not the line 'DocumentRoot "/var/www/eprints"'. Create an index.html file in /var/www/eprints/ with a welcome message and links to the home pages of the repositories. Also note that we need to create a manual-secure.conf file for each repository. The contents of this file are as follows:

  1. /opt/eprints3/archives/repos1s/var/manual-secure.conf

<Location "/repos1">

   PerlSetVar EPrints_ArchiveID repos1
   PerlSetVar EPrints_Secure yes
   PerlLogHandler EPrints::Apache::LogHandler
 Alias /repos1/cgi/accounts/confirm /opt/eprints3/cgi/confirm
 Alias /repos1/cgi/accounts/register /opt/eprints3/cgi/register
 Alias /repos1/cgi/accounts/reset_password /opt/eprints3/cgi/reset_password
 Alias /repos1/cgi/accounts/set_password /opt/eprints3/cgi/set_password
 Alias /repos1/cgi/users/ /opt/eprints3/cgi/users/
 Alias /repos1/ /opt/eprints3/archives/publications/html/

For completeness, we'll also want to add the welcome page to http: Add the following lines to /opt/eprints3/cfg/apache.conf

<VirtualHost *:80>

 ServerName eprints.FQDN
 ServerAdmin itsupport@FQDN
 DocumentRoot "/var/www/eprints"


Add 'Include /opt/eprints3/cfg/secure.conf' to the Apache configuration.

Debian / Ubuntu specific instructions

, create a file called ssl in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ssl and add the line 'Include /opt/eprints3/cfg/secure.conf'. Remember to enable it with the command a2ensite ssl