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Restart apache.
Restart apache.
<!--#include virtual="/test"-->
<!--#include virtual="/index.php"-->
Example include:
Example include:

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Warning This feature requires EPrints version 3.2.1 or later

Note: you must have the Apache Server Side Includes (SSI) module installed and enabled.

Edit archives/[repoid]/cfg/apache.conf and add to the <Location> section AddOutputFilter and +Includes:

 <Location "/eprints">
   PerlSetVar EPrints_ArchiveID myrepo
   AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .html
   Options +ExecCGI +Includes
   Order allow,deny 
   Allow from all

Restart apache.

Example include:

<!--#include virtual="/cgi/mydynbit"-->

This enables you to add includes to the content of static pages. If you want to add dynamic content to the template you should do this via a template part in cfg.d/dynamic_template.pl.