How EPrints generates web pages

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EPrints generates a website. The pages in this website can be split into four areas:

Static Pages

Static pages include the home page, help, and about-this-archive pages. They are generated by the generate_static script, which takes the .xpage files in your archives "static" directory and applies the site template to them.

To see changes in these pages run generate_static.

View Pages

These pages are all under the URL /view/

These pages are generated by the generate_views script.

Dynamic pages

These pages are all under the URL /perl/

These pages are generated on demand using mod_perl. The web server caches the configuration, however, so to make changes take effect you need to restart the webserver or run force_config_reload

Abstract pages

These are the pages which describe a single eprint and are under one of the following types of URL: /archive/00000023/ or /23/

Where 23 is any number.

These are updated every time you modify the eprint they describe.

You can also update all of them, or one of them, by running generate_abstracts