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Editing the contents of this directory is not recommended. See Read Only Directories.

This directory contains Perl module files provided by the publication flavour under the EPrints::Import class hierarchy.

  • eprints3/flavours/pub_lib/plugins/EPrints/Import
    • BibTeX.pm - BibTex import plugin.
    • DOI.pm - DOI import plugin.
    • DOI_UNIXREF.pm - DOI import plugin using the UNIXREF source.
    • DSpace.pm - DSpace import plugin.
    • EndNote.pm - EndNote import plugin.
    • ISIWoK.pm - ISI Web-of-Knowledge import plugin.
    • ISIWoKXML.pm - ISI Web-of-Knowledge XML import plugin.
    • OpenXML.pm - OpenXML import plugin.
    • PubMedID.pm - PubMed ID import plugin.
    • PubMedXML.pm - PubMed XML import plugin.
    • TeX.pm - TeX import plugin.
    • XSLT/ - XSLT-formatted import plugins provided by the publication flavour.
    • XSLT.pm - Generic XSLT-formatted import plugin.