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= EPrints 3.0 Release Candidate 1 =
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Released 18th December 2006.
Released 18th December 2006.

Revision as of 03:29, 28 August 2007

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Released 18th December 2006.




  • Apache 2
  • mod_perl 2
  • Perl
  • MySQL (4 or 5).
  • Some perl modules
  • UNIX like operating system
    • We use Redhat Linux (Both Fedora and Enterprise), but most other versions of Linux or UNIX are fine.

Release Notes

EPrints 3 does not need to be the same user as the webserver, but it does need to be a user which is in the same UNIX group.

If there is any bug which is a showstopper, let us know and we'll try and get another beta out ASAP.

DO NOT try to install over the top of EPrints 2, it will just make a mess!

There is currently no way to upgrade from 2.3 to 3.0 but that will be a side development project over the next few months, released sometime after, or maybe even before, 3.0 in January.

To get started run "epadmin" this has taken over many of the other scripts (create tables, erase archives, create user etc.)


Feedback and bug reports may be sent to cjg@ecs.soton.ac.uk (The Lead Developer). I suggest that an initial bug report is kept quite short as we already have a big list. If I don't already know about it, I'll ask for more info.

Things added since beta 3

  • Import via CGI
  • More basic types of eprint: Artefact, Exhibition, Composition, Performance, Image, Video, Audio, Dataset, Experiment, Teaching Resource.
  • Import via PubMed ID.
  • Import via DOI.
  • When you enter a title the system checks for possible duplicates as you type and lists them as a warning.
  • New autocomplete scripts which can use a file or a database table for the lookup.
  • Added a multilingual field type for multilingual titles, abstracts etc.
  • Import and Export via XML of multilingual and compound fields now treats compound fields as one field.
  • Import subjects via XML now works.
  • "epadmin create" now offers to run the required scripts for you, to make setup even easier.
  • Fixed bug which left many cache tables lying around.
  • Tool to edit the subject tree
  • Non-required boolean fields now show a third option to allow them to be set to unspecified.
  • Plugins may now have an "advertise" flag. If this is false then the plugin is not advertised in the user interface but is still available.
  • Plugins may now be disabled by default. This is used if you have several repositories and only want to enable the plugin on one.
  • XML Export now makes the XML nicely indented.
  • The workflow may now conditionally limit the options available for a set. This allows, for example, to make certain options only available on some types of EPrint or only to certain users.
  • The workflow may modify the top subject node so that different parts of the subject tree are available for different eprints or users.
  • New default fields for projects and funders and organisational divisions.
  • Added more metadata to the <head> of the summary pages, for the benefit of search engines.

Things planned for 3.0 Release Candidate 2


We'll fix bugs, but no new features will be added to the EPrints 3.0 series, but we'll start work on 3.1 in the new year.

Upgrading from EPrints 3.0 beta 3

If you already have a repository set up with beta-3 you need to do the following:

(see also the Files/EPrints 3.0 Beta 3 notes)

Things to do (per repository) after 3.0 beta-3 to 3.0 RC-1 upgrade

  • The database has changed a tiny bit (yet again) so run
bin/epadmin upgrade ARCHIVEID
  • In cfg/cfg.d/eprint_render.pl you may wish to replace
      $links->appendChild( $session->make_element(
               rel => "schema.DC",
               href => "http://purl.org/DC/elements/1.0/" ) );
       my $dcplugin = $session->plugin( "Export::DC" );
       my $dc = $dcplugin->convert_dataobj( $eprint );
       foreach( @{$dc} )
               $links->appendChild( $session->make_element(
                       name => "DC.".$_->[0],
                       content => $_->[1] ) );


       $links->appendChild( $session->plugin( "Export::Simple" )->dataobj_to_html_header( $eprint ) );
       $links->appendChild( $session->plugin( "Export::DC" )->dataobj_to_html_header( $eprint ) );


You may notice the powerful new plugin system for EPrints 3. If you're interested in writing a plugin, get in touch! Or just upload them to http://files.eprints.org/

If there's a plugin you really need and don't have the time or skills to write yourself, why not hire EPrints Services to write it for you!