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eprint_search_simple.pl contains configuration for the simple search on eprint data objects, which can be found on the path /cgi/search/simple (e.g. https://eprints.example.org/cgi/search/simple). This configuration is stored under $c->{search}->{simple} hash reference. This contains the following parts:

  • search_fields - The fields that the simple search will query.
  • preamble_phrase - The HTML phrase that will appear at the top of the simple search form explaining who to use it. By default commented out as simple search form is basically self-explanatory.
  • title_phrase - The HTML phrase title, which appears as the main heading on the simple search page.
  • citation - The citation format for items in the results page of simple search.
  • page_size - The number of results that should appear per page.
  • order_methods - Ordering options provided at the top of the simple search results page.
  • default_order - The default order search results will appear for simple search.
  • show_zero_results - Should the simple search go to the results page if there are no results of stay on the search form page with a warning about no results.


$c->{search}->{simple} = {
        search_fields => [
                        id => "q",
                        meta_fields => [
        preamble_phrase => "cgi/search:preamble",
        title_phrase => "cgi/search:simple_search",
        citation => "result",
        page_size => 20,
        order_methods => {
                "byyear"         => "-date/creators_name/title",
                "byyearoldest"   => "date/creators_name/title",
                "byname"         => "creators_name/-date/title",
                "bytitle"        => "title/creators_name/-date"
        default_order => "byyear",

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